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Delta Projects

Who We Are

M/s Delta Projects is a partnership formed during the year 1995 and engaged in Interior Furnishing & Civil Engineering Projects including HVAC, Electrical, Firefighting and Data cabling works. We have successfully executed project works for Corporates, Malls, Showrooms, Restaurants, Offices, Banks and Educational institutions etc. 

M/s. Delta Projects is managed by Mr. Sudhir C R   a graduate Civil Engineer with experience of 30 years in executing Interior and Civil projects. Armed with thorough technical know-how and experience earned in the hard way, he is well poised to steer the firm to heights of excellence.

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How we work

Delta Projects is one of the foremost few interior contracting firms in Kerala for over 25 years. The hallmark of the organization is its extremely experienced team and the capacity to utilize them effectively. Delta Projects does not compromise on the quality of work. Our construction work is progressively analyzed from the foundation of a project to its finishing work.

Communication with Customers

We constantly communicate with our customers when starting any project. There would be a person assigned to handle the communications with the customer. This makes sure that there are no communication gaps or inaccuracies. Not only that, the client doesn't even have a second person on our team.

Project Analysis 

Our project team studies the project in detail and prepares the estimate and schedule for the project. The team forms a basic sketch, if needed. Designs and BOQ by client architect/designer also make for very detailed inspections. It is through this discussion that the availability of the necessary material for the project is actualized. 

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Estimate submission

 Fill in the given BOQ or forward it to the quotation client we have prepared. Our rates will be quite competitive and reasonable. 

work awarding

Once the project is received, a core team will be formed to and assigned the outline. The project manager is in charge of the project. He selects staff for his site. That includes site engineers, site supervisors, and so on. The project manager will also be in charge of communications with the client. 

Work Execution 

From site preparation to the assignment of work to each workforce, every site supervisor must perform very well. The supervisor ensures that workers are adequately employed. The site engineer will be on the in-site team. All supervisors report to the site engineer. The site engineer will be responsible for providing the necessary drawings, materials, and labor to the supervisors. The site engineer also works with the site manager to provide the project manager with a detailed report of all the developments on the site.

Our Principal Banker

M/s The South Indian Bank,Ltd
Thevara Branch

Work Finishing

At the end of each project, our quality manager and project manager visit the site and ensure that the work done is up to our criteria. The architect will also be requested to the site for an evaluation. If the architect asks to test the quality of construction, we will go ahead and provide the requirements. 

Billing / Accounts

Our quantity surveyor takes the measurements of work done in the presence of the client/architect and converts it into a bill. Our bills are GST bills so there will be no headaches for consumers.

After Project Services

We offer services for up to six months after each project. We are ready to serve the client anytime we want. 









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